Rough Green Kyanite Pendant - Sterling Silver with Chain

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Green kyanite pendant set in sterling silver. All pendants come with the pictured sterling silver chain.

Pendant measurements ( length x width)  3.9cm x 0.6cm

Kyanite is one of the few minerals that is said to never require cleansing as it does not retain negative energy. The long, straight growth pattern of the rough crystal shows a pearl like lustre once polished and the name is derived from the Greek “kyanos” meaning deep blue. Commonly mined in Brazil, Kyanite is said to be a stone of communication, helping to resolve arguments or repair damaged relationships. Green Kyanite is said to be a powerful growth stone, connecting us with our life force and nature. A nurturing stone, some believe it is good for those starting out a new business or a new period in their lives.

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