Repair & Restoration 

Our state of the art workshop is fully equipped meaning that all aspects of jewellery repair and restoration are catered for. All work is completed on the premises including stone setting & rhodium plating. Once you place your jewellery in our qualified, capable hands, it is not touched by anybody else until you collect it.

All types of jewellery are welcome from a brand new ring to a 100 year old family heirloom. Our contacts with gemstone and diamond merchants allow us the ability to source rare stones and colour match replacements for missing stones with ease.

We are happy to look over your precious items and give you a quick, no obligation quote once we have assessed their suitability and repair requirements.

Our repair service includes the following:

  • Ring resizing up and down including two tone

  • Rhodium plating

  • Cleaning & polishing of jewellery

  • Ring re-tipping, claw work

  • Re-shanking rings & under rail repair

  • Joining rings

  • Stone setting and replacement

  • Chain repair of all varieties

  • Replacement findings and clasps

  • Replacement arms on padlocks

  • Replacing worn illusion plates and rub settings

  • Earring repairs and conversion of fittings ( hooks to posts etc)

  • Bangle resizing up and down

  • Any other type of repair job required

We work in all precious metals including sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and also platinum. Our working metals and solders are all supplied by industry standard suppliers and guaranteed to be of superior quality and workability meaning that your jobs are completed to the highest standards.

Pearl & Beaded Jewellery Rethreading & Repair

Pearls being restrung | Heath Lyons Jeweller

Susan Hey is our resident pearl and bead specialist. With decades of experience, she is well-known throughout Bendigo for her skill when it comes to repairing and restringing pearls and beads. Susan is also highly skilled with repairing some costume jewellery pieces which would traditionally have been turned away as not suitable for repair. 

Susan is also adept at watch battery replacement and watch band adjustment. Watch battery replacement is usually done within 10 minutes unless there are other watches being done ahead of you. 

 Custom Made Jewellery

Our custom manufacturing service is practically limitless, the world is your oyster. It can be your design , our design or a perfect hybrid of the two. We can use your existing stones or source new stones of any sizes, cuts and colours. Our suppliers of gemstones and diamonds are the best in the country, travelling the world to present us with only the finest materials. Anything is possible, rings, pendants, earrings, bangles, bracelets, brooches and more.

If you have old jewellery that you no longer wear, we are able to melt down your old gold and refine any impurities to then re-use your gold in your new design. This happens right here in our workshop. There is no need to send the jewellery away for refining.

It is important to note that our hand-made jewellery is exactly that. Hand-made, from start to finish. We melt, forge, roll and draw down every part of the jewellery by hand. We are proud to still uphold the traditions of the master manufacturing jewellers from days of old, when rings were made to the most exacting standards and lasted for generations with minimal maintenance work required.

Heath is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to his work and will spend many days, weeks and late nights making sure your hand-made piece is finished to perfection. If you happen to be passing by our workshop late at night you will most likely see the lights glowing and hear the sounds of metal being hammered and forged.

Amber finds time between managing the store, managing the children and designing beautiful jewellery for her clients to make a few select pieces of jewellery that are for sale in the showroom. Susan, our pearl and bead rethreading specialist, also creates beautiful pieces on site that are available for purchase in our showroom.

Our custom design service is available to anyone, anywhere however, due to high demand for Heath's pieces and Amber's designs, there is usually a waiting list for a hand made Lyons piece which will differ depending on our work load. For those on a tight deadline or budget, we do offer an alternative manufacturing service with our CAD/ CAM technology which allows us to create your most intricate and detailed designs on the computer. Computer designed and manufactured pieces are made quite differently to traditional hand made pieces. We can discuss the differences with you during a design consultation so that you can decide which manufacturing technique is going to work best to achieve your desired outcome.  We offer a lifetime guarantee and after care service plan for all of our custom made jewellery and remodelling. For more information on this guarantee CLICK HERE