Rough Aquamarine Pendant - Sterling Silver with Chain

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Rough Aquamarine pendant in sterling silver. Pictured sterling silver chain is included.

Pendant size (length x width) : 4.8cm x 2.2cm

This pendant features a large, high grade piece of rough aquamarine with spectacular colour. 

Aquamarine is the light blue variety of the mineral family, Beryl. The Beryl family also has some very well-known members including the green variety- emerald and the pink variety- morganite. Ancient lore suggested that aquamarine was a stone used by the sailors for protection on the open sea, a treasure from the mermaids of the deep. Today, it is still said to be a good luck stone for travelers, especially those who travel near or over water. It is commonly associated with the month of March and is the traditional birthstone for that month.

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