Baltic Amber Pendant - Sterling Silver with Chain

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Amber pendant set in sterling silver. All pendants come with the pictured sterling silver chain.

Pendant measurements ( length x width)  4cm x 2.3cm

Amber, at its heart, is a fossilized resin that originated from a now extinct variety of conifer tree. Amber is classified as an organic due to its origins being plant based and not that of a mineral. It was used for adornment as far back as the stone age and continues to be in high demand even today, with large specimens commanding high prices. It is said to be a stone with powerful energy, harnessing the life force of the sun as well as a powerful cleansing and healing stone. As it is a soft stone in comparison to its harder mineral counterparts, it must be treated with care and respect and never exposed to chemicals. If it is allowed to tumble about in the jewellery box with other pieces of jewellery it will quickly show scratches and wear and will need to be repolished.

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