Tourmaline in Quartz Bracelet - Sterling Silver

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Quartz with black tourmaline bracelet set in sterling silver

Bracelet length: 21cm

Quartz crystals make up the most common and abundant minerals in the world. Used not only for jewellery, quartz crystals are highly prized and utilized in the industrial world. Quartz has been a prized gemstone in all civilizations from the Ancient times through to the modern age. Modern technology relies on quartz, used in a variety of equipment and machinery from watch movements, microphones, radio transmitters to computers. In metaphysical terms, clear quartz is a strong healing and amplification crystal. In ancient times it was used to ward off evil spirits. It is said to be a master healer for any condition or concern. It aids focus and concentration during meditation allowing for a deeply relaxing meditative state.

Tourmalinated quartz features black needles of tourmaline that has grown within the quartz crystal itself. Aside from the properties of clear quartz, black tourmaline is said to bring a grounding and protective element, as it is said to be one of the best stones from protection from negative energy.

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