Lapis Lazuli Pendant & Chain - Sterling Silver

Lapis Lazuli Pendant & Chain - Sterling Silver

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Lapis Lazuli pendant set in sterling silver. All pendants come with the sterling silver chain as shown.

Pendant length:  3.4cm

In ancient times, Lapis Lazuli was a prized stone as a symbol of royalty as well as for the highly pigmented blue dye that was derived from it. Lapis was widely used in the ceremonial burial masks and jewellery of the great pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. The gold coloured speckles and veins that are present in lapis is the inclusion of the mineral pyrite, or fools gold. Lapis that is considered high grade is rich blue with these gold inclusions whilst the lower grade is mottled with white calcite. Metaphysically, Lapis is known as the stone of universal truth and wisdom. It is said to be good for harmonious relationships and communication.

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