Charoite Pendant - Sterling Silver with Chain

Charoite Pendant - Sterling Silver with Chain

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Charoite pendant set in sterling silver. All pendants come with the pictured sterling silver chain.

Pendant measurements ( length x width)  5.6cm x 2cm

Charoite is a stone that was only relatively recently discovered. This deep, shimmery purple stone is mined in Siberia. It is said to be a wonderful stone of connection and support for those who feel lonely or alienated within their lives. Many believe that Charoite allows us to release any fear and negativity that we are carrying with us, whether conscious or sub-conscious. Charoite is a relatively soft stone which is why it is rarely seen in rings or bracelets due to the wear and tear that it would endure. Pendants are the perfect way to enjoy the vivid violet tones and shimmery chatoyancy of this beautiful stone without the risk of damage.

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